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Stoocked Buffet

Tasty Tease Bistro Fusions LLC is a catering Co. that creates unique and delicious fusion dishes. Recently, We have undertaken several exciting projects to expand our services and provide customers with innovative culinary experiences. We invite you to read more about these projects and discover what Tasty Tease Bistro Fusions LLC offers.



All major catering reservations must be made 2-3 months in advance.

So, for an event of 100 guests, you'll need 80 platters to feed the guests at “full meal” capacity. You may feel the need to order 1-2 more than your calculation, but keep in mind that different guests have different levels of appetite. 


Learn about our, different types of catering available for your event (e.g. buffet vs. table service),  whether there's flexibility in the menu, how we handle our dietary restrictions, what our level of service is, and any other questions particular to your event or venue.

Best additional Catering Company:

  1.  Schedule a tasting  sample tray/dish/platter ( exclusively with your personal selections via delivery) a cost will be included.

  2. Check References and Reviews.

  3. Venue Familiarity Is a Plus.

  4. Look for Flexibility.

  5. Consider Your Specific Situation.

  6. Ask if there licensed with certifications.

  7. Have around clock customer service for all of our clients

What can you look forward to with our catering services:

  • Food Quality. At the very top of your list of priorities when selecting a catering service should be the quality of food. ...

  • Customer Reviews. ...

  • Cost of Service. ...

  • Catering Experience. ...

  • Special Needs.

What makes our catering services a success?

  • 1 – Good Food. First and foremost out of this world! ...

  • 2 – We pay clear attention to Safety protocols. ...

  • 3 – Excellent Customer Service. ...

  • 4 –Our cooks & setup crewhas estanishing creativity. ...

  • 5 – We are very Flexibility. ...

  • 6 – Our behind-the-seen staff's Enthusiasm for food arrangements is one of a kind. ...

  • 7 – Time Management Skills...

  • 8 – Attention-to-Detail.

Fill out our contact us form for any further details or questions

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